Sunday, August 9, 2009

We are blessed to live in the Ghana Temple compound where there are four buildings: The office, the living quarters, the Temple and a Stake center. It is beautifully landscaped. We especially love the fan palms.

Driving through Accra is very interesting to say the least. The traffic laws are LOOSE. When traveling down a one way street, you are apt to see more cars coming AT you (going the wrong way) than those going the correct direction. Lanes??? What lanes??? See the red car on the right? I am in the right lane: he is coming out of a gas station where he 'cut a corner' and he wants to get across the oncoming traffic and into his lane. You just have to be as agressive as anyone else and try not to hit anyone or get hit.
The picture on the right is a typical street vendor. This is how a lot of shopping is done for the locals. We do have several grocery stores to frequent. A relatively new mall has opened and has a Shoprite grocer and other stores for clothes, Target type items, etc. We also have been to a few nice restaurants with the Shipleys who we have replaced at the office. They have now gone home and tomorrow we are on our own. We only hope that we can remember all they tried to teach us.
Our calling as Executive Secretaries to the Area Presidency is quite involved but we work with a very dedicated and capable office staff and three very wonderful General Authorities. It promises to be a fulfilling, learning and spiritual experience. We are blessed!


Kara and Todd said...

I am excited to keep up with you and see all the great things I know you will experience. So glad you started this blog!

cinda said...

Linda I was so excited to hear from you. This is so awesome. I am glad you are both there safe and sound and enjoying your mission. Love ya,