Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Beach Getaway

We had an opportunity to get away for four days. The Area Presidency is gone for their July home break, and we took these days to travel with three other missionary couples to two different resorts along Ghana's beaches. The first one was Busua Beach which is about 4 1/2 hours away to our west. The last 1/2 hour is along some pretty remote potholed roads. We passed this sign at one of the last turns.
Arriving there, we checked into some rooms which had front porches facing the ocean. This was the beautiful view from the porch. Below are several shots of the location. The beach was absolutely beautiful. Lots of room to walk to the left and right of the resort. Many really nice sea shells to gather.

We read and read....played games, ate at the restaurant for breakfast and dinner and lunched on picnic food we took with us.

Elders Brown, Page, Petersen and Maughan.
The last morning, we saw these two girls walking with their loads. They were happy to let us take their pictures.
We stopped for lunch at a local and recommended restaurant in Takoradi. The brothers were figuring out the division of the bill.
At Elmina Beach resort where we spent the next two days, a lovely coconut drink was delivered to us in our rooms on Monday morning. This is a very common drink here. They pick the coconut before it is ripe enough to use the coconut meat, but use it as a quick juice drink. On the streets of any town or village, vendors with tons of coconuts take their machetes and hack off the top and sell it to passersby for a quick refreshing drink. We've never bought one, but this did taste pretty good.
This was a nice break and now.....back to work!!!