Monday, August 31, 2009


Because we are not assigned to any one ward or branch in the greater Accra area (which has 4 big stakes) as other couples are, we can choose where to attend each week. Last week we drove an hour away to Winneba with the Cardons. We arrived quite early and had a chance to greet a lot of the members. I got to hold this cute little 8 month old boy. He sure warmed the heart of this grandma! We have been asked to attend the YM and YW meetings to get a feel for the youth of the church here. This is in relationship to an assignment I,Linda, have received from the Area Presidency to chair a committee which will help prepare materials for a 2010 celebration area wide in which the youth will celebrate the Book of Mormon. This will entail drama, music, perhaps dance, etc.

THE MTC for the 8 missions in our area is 30 minutes away in Tema. The majority of missionaries are from these countries along with the American and European Elders. Last Friday we went early in the morning along with our Area Dr. and another Sr. couple (he also is a retired dentist) out to the MTC to work along side of the MTC Pres. ( a retired surgeon) to give 55 new missionaries their 4 immunizations.


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