Friday, November 19, 2010

A fun two day outing in October

Sister Maughan in the lovely orange vest
Four couples, Browns, Maughans, Pages and us went to the Volta Dam region where we spent two nights at the Volta hotel. Lake Volta is huge. For comparison's sake, Lake Powell is 254 square miles of surface. Volta is almost 3000 sq. miles.
The first afternoon, we took a ride in a small boat up the river a few miles and passed beautiful scenery as well as got a good glimpse of village life along the riverside.
Elder Maughan awaits our boat

Women doing their laundry in the river.

Crossing east over this bridge we would get to the mountainous area close to the Togo border. We went that direction the next day.

The second day - at the monkey sanctuary. Our second visit here. It is a lot of fun to feed the monkeys. There are four distinct groups that live in this area - about 80 per group. We saw about 25-30 this day.

The monkeys jump from the tree to your arm to sit and eat bananas. I had three on my arm at one time - Arlon took a video of it, but no still picture.
There is a school across from the sanctuary office. These darling children were eager to have a picture taken with us "obrunis" (white people)
Wlii falls. Our second visit, but much more water this time of year.
There is a 45 minute hike into the falls, crossing the river 8-9 times. We enjoyed being out in nature and our trip with missionary friends.