Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving - A Great Day 2009

The Antwis are a dear couple who are from Cape Coast, three hours away. They are Temple missionaries.
Arlon carving the turkey we cooked. It was one of four....we hardly finished two, so lots of leftovers were taken home. Isn't that how it always many side dishes that there is left over turkey. I have made a turkey pot pie and there are always sandwiches!
Elder Cardon and Golden....good kitchen help preparing the spread.

Debbie Cardon and Florence taking the just done turkeys out of the oven.

Sister Jill Johnson (my audio-visual teacher) sneaking a bite.

President Harmon, Sister Uduma, Sister Antwi, Sister Harmon

Mmmmm. so much pie, so little time!

Bagging up the leftovers. Debbie's all smiles.

Sister Dickson and Sister Golden carving leftover turkey.

How sweet it is. Perfect ending of a perfect meal.

We met at the Cardon's home with a group of 32 people - the Area Presidency and missionaries. The meal was completely traditional: turkey, stuffing, potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce (someone happened to have one can), sweet potatoes with marshmallows, green beans, fresh fruit platter (watermelon, pineapple, banana, papaya, kiwi, grapes), cauliflower au gratin, jello salad, green salad, peas and carrots, homemade rolls, apple pie, pumpkin pie, coconut cream pie, banana cream pie, pumpkin delight, berry trifle and delicious apple cider/sprite as a beverage. Wow, who could have asked for more?!


Don and Amy Bennion said...

What a feast. Unbelievable that you had that complete of a Thanksgiving dinner all the way across the world. You'll remember this year's dinner forever. I miss you, Mom and Dad. Seeing pictures of you makes me miss you more. But I am so glad you are there doing what you are doing. And doing what you have always done, being great examples for your children. I love you!

Braelyn said...

Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

Well, our computer has been down and is now finally fixed! So Happy (late) Thanksgiving!!! It sounds like you had a lot of fun, friends, and delicious food! What a perfect Thanksgiving! We had Alan & Amy, Joe & Carry Perry (spelling?), and the White families over (while, at least the ones who haven't left to Utah)! I miss you both and love you so much! Talk to you soon!


P.S. Good luck with your play Grandma! Let me know how it (the play) is coming (if it isn't over already)!